The Adventures of Letting Go

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today I threw away two things, one good and one bad.

We'll start with the bad. At dinner tonight, I threw away an opportunity to stay on my healthy eating plan. I went for the big burger and fries. And, while Mary saved half her burger for tomorrow, I ate the entire humongoid U.S.A.-sized deal, and now feel like a hippopotamus.

I must do better.

On the "toss it" side, I am doing better. I'm getting rid of more free stuff, threw out address labels today. I mean, seriously, how many address labels can one person use in a lifetime? If I stopped saving them now, I probably have enough for the next five decades. Assuming I don't move or change names.

I'm also making great progress in the organize-and-toss approach to putting the holiday decorations away. I was going to finish the job tonight, but now that I have supersized myself, all I can do is wallow ...

(Is it a bad sign that we're five days in and I already have two entries in the "oops" category? Hmmm.)

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