The Adventures of Letting Go

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15: Progress Report

I didn't post every day this week -- the week started out busy, and then Peggy died on Wednesday. One thing I've learned about death, life goes on. That may sound cold and I don't mean it that way at all. It's simply true. Someone you love dies, and the kids still need to be fed and the dogs still need their walks and the bills still have to be paid and the sun continues to shine.

On Thursday, as we waited to find out if there would be an autopsy, when we would go to the funeral home, etc., Tom and I both kept busy and the bathroom remodeling continued to be a source of less. There is now less in the bathroom. We've not only stripped all the wallpaper, but Tom sanded all the walls and the woodwork. He has taken the knobs off the cabinets. I've washed it all down.

While we were taking out drawers, etc., I took this as an opportunity for less. I went through everything I had in the bathroom -- under the sink and in my appointed drawer, and tossed a lot of it.

Also, I found a fun way to deal with one clutter collection. Lots of the clothes I buy come with extra buttons in a little envelope. I had developed the habit of just tossing that tiny envelope into my bathroom drawer. No more. The buttons are all in an antique glass bank -- I was already using it as a piece of decor, now I'm also using it as a button jar. Double purpose, and it takes up no more space. A big less yes!

I also have less on my "to do" list, because I got Kate's tuition paid, got the taxes paid, picked up Mary's contacts at the eye doctor's office, etc. Little things, but those little things add up to one long list and it can be overwhelming. And I want my lists to be underwhelming this year. So I have plenty of energy to deal with everything else life hands us.

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